Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The New Kid in Class: A Very Scary Story

Once upon a time there was a new girl in class. The teacher told everyone in the class that the new girl was from Seattle. Her name was Candy and she liked to play basketball. She played the piano and she rode her bike to school. She had one brother who was 10 years old. Candy was 13 years old. The new girl looked like a normal person. She seemed like a normal, 13 year old girl but she had a terrible secret.

That afternoon everyone was in the cafetéria for lunch. María and Claudia asked Candy if she wanted to sit with them at their table in the cafeteria. Candy was very happy because she didn’t know anyone at the new school.

“Today for lunch we will have paella. Do you know what paella is?” Claudia asked the new girl.

“No, what is paella?” Candy asked.

“Paella is a famous dish from Valencia. You make paella with rice, chicken, rabbit, and vegetables,” María said.

“That sounds great,” Candy said. “I want to try paella for the first time.”

The three girls sat down at the table to have lunch. Candy tried the paella and she liked it a lot.

“This is delicious,” she said.

The three young girls talked. María and Claudia asked Candy a lot of questions about Seattle.

"Where is Seattle?"

"Seattle is in the Northwest of the United States in the state of Washington on the border with Canada," Candy answered.

“Is Seattle a big city?”

“Seattle is big but it’s not too big. Seattle is almost the same size as Valencia,” Candy answered. Candy told the two girls about her family and her life in the United States of America.

María and Claudia liked Candy and they thought that she was a very nice person. They wanted to be her friend. Candy seemed like a nice girl but then Claudia and María learned something about Candy that changed their opinion (mind) about her. What was the terrible secret they learned about the new girl? Was Candy a zombie? Maybe she was a vampire? Was Candy a criminal who escaped the police in Seattle and now lived in Valencia? No, Candy wasn’t a criminal or a thief. She was much, much worse than these things.

After the three girls finished eating their lunch María and Claudia took their phones out of the backpacks. They wanted to show Candy a video on YouTube about their school. Candy watched the video and she laughed a lot. The video was very funny. Then María asked Candy for her phone number so that they could send her Whatsapp messages. This is when María and Claudia learned the terrible truth about Candy.

“I don’t have a phone,” Candy said.

Claudia didn’t understand what Candy said. It was Candy’s first day at school. Perhaps she forgot her phone. Maybe she left her phone at home.

“You didn’t bring your phone to school today?” María asked.

“No, I didn't leave my phone at home. I don’t have a phone,” Candy answered.

Suddenly, everyone in the cafeteria was completely silent. Everyone was listening to the new girl, the new girl who didn’t have a phone. After a few seconds Claudia spoke.

“Oh, you probably haven’t had time to buy a new phone because you just moved to Valencia. When will you buy a new phone?” She asked. “You should get an iPhone 5 like mine. It’s really cool.”

“I have a Samsung Smartphone,” said María. “We can go shopping for your new phone after school”

“I don’t have a phone and I don’t want a phone,” the new girl said. “I think that everyone wastes time with their phones."

What did the students do?

1) They all laughed at the new girl because she didn't have a phone.

2) They felt sorry for her because she was too poor to have a phone. 

3) "At least she doesn't have a really old phone like my English teacher," Claudia said.

3) Everyone in the cafeteria took the new girl out to the patio and they burned her at the stake because they thought that she was a witch. They all lived happily ever after…except the new girl, Candy.
The End

Monday, February 13, 2017


A New Computer

Kevin wanted to buy a new computer. Many years ago Kevin was going to buy a new computer but they were very expensive. Kevin thought that if he had a new computer he could download movies or send messages to his friends on Facebook. He went to el Corte Inglés and he looked at all of the new computers. There were desktop computers. Desktop computers are powerful and they aren’t very expensive. Desktop computers are less expensive than laptop computers. However, laptop computers are smaller and portable. If he bought a laptop computer Kevin could take the computer with him when he went on vacation. He could use the computer to do his work when he went on vacation. Kevin didn’t like working when he was on holiday but if he had a laptop computer he probably would work on vacation.

Kevin noticed that computers were cheaper and more powerful every year. The computer that Kevin looked at last year cost 600€. This year the same computer was only 500€. Kevin decided not to buy a new computer. He thought that he should wait until next year to buy a computer. Next year the computer would be cheaper. It didn’t make sense to buy a computer this year because next year the same computer would be less expensive. "What should I do?" Kevin thought.

Every year Kevin decided not to buy a new computer. He wanted to wait because the prices were always lower every year. Year after year Kevin waited. Kevin finally died without ever buying a new computer. He never did work when he was on vacation. When he was on vacation Kevin read books and played with his children. Kevin died a very happy man, a very happy man without a computer.

Too Much Stuff

Kate had too much stuff. She loved to go shopping. She bought lots of clothes. She bought a lot of furniture and rugs for her flat. After a few years her flat was full of stuff. It was full of clothes and furniture and other stuff she had bought. Soon every room in her flat was full and there was no room (space, place) in her flat for more stuff. Her flat was very crowded. She had to stop shopping because there was no place to put the new stuff. She loved to shop so she decided to rent a bigger flat. 

The new flat would be bigger and there would be more room for all of her stuff. She rented a bigger flat on the other side of the city. She rented (hired) a truck and put all of her stuff into the truck. She drove across the city to her new flat. She parked the truck in front of her new building. She went next door to a café to have a cup of coffee. 

When she returned the truck was not there, it was gone. Someone stole the truck with all of her stuff. Kate decided to move back to her old flat. She didn’t need a lot of room because she didn’t have any stuff. That day her best friend called and asked if Kate wanted to see a movie. Kate said that she couldn't go to the cinema because she had to go shopping for more stuff. 

She was angry. She was angry with her brother. Her brother didn't help her. She needed to borrow $1,000. She had asked her brother to lend her $1,000. He said no. Her brother said he didn't have $1,000. Her brother was lying. Her brother had $10,000. He had ten times $1,000. Why did he lie to her? Why didn't he tell her the truth? Why didn't he lend her $1,000? She said, "I know you have $10,000. All I want is $1,000. I will pay you back next year. I will pay back the loan in one year. You will get your money back next year." He said no. He said people shouldn't borrow money. He said people shouldn't lend money. "But I'm not 'people'," she said. "I'm your sister!"

A Thin Man

Richard is a light eater. He doesn't eat much. He isn't a heavy eater. He eats a light breakfast, a light lunch, and a light dinner. Richard is not fat. He is thin. He will always be thin, because he is a light eater. He eats a bowl of cereal for breakfast. He eats a bowl of cereal with milk. He eats a sandwich for lunch. Sometimes it's a fish sandwich. He likes fish. He eats rice and vegetables for dinner. All he eats for dinner is rice and vegetables. He will never get fat.

Homer is a heavy eater. Homer eats a lot. He eats a whole pig every week. In one episode of The Simpsons Homer went to a seafood restaurant. The sign in the window of the restaurant said “All You Can Eat.” Homer can eat a lot. He ate three trays of shrimp and two plastic lobsters that were decorations. The owner told Homer that he was going to close the restaurant. Homer didn’t want to leave. The restaurant closed but Homer was still hungry. He went to KFC and bought a bucket of fried chicken. Homer is my hero. I want to be like Homer.