Verb Antonym
aburrirse (to be bored) divertirse  (to have fun)
admitir (to admit) negar  (to deny)
alejarse de (to go away from) acercarse a (to get close to)
amar, querer  (to love) odiar (to hate)
aparecer (to appear) desaparecer (to disappear)
apresurarse (to hurry) tardar en (to delay)
bajar (to go down, to lower) subir (to go up, to raise)
bendecir (to bless) maldecir (to curse)
cansar (to tire) descansar (to rest)
cerrar  (to close) abrir (to open)
comprar (to buy) vender (to sell)
dar (to give) recibir (to receive)
dejar caer (to drop) recoger (to pick up)
descubrir (to discover) cubrir (to cover)
despertarse  (to wake up) dormirse (to fall asleep)
destruir (to destroy) crear (to create)
desvanecerse (to disappear) aparecer (to appear)
elogiar (to praise) censurar (to criticize)
empezar  (to begin) terminar (to finish)
encender             (to light, to turn off) apagar (to extinguish, to turn on)
entrar (to enter) salir (to exit)
gastar (to spend [money]) ahorrar (to save [money])
hablar (to speak) callar (to be quiet)
ignorar (to not know [a fact]) saber (to know [a fact])
jalar (to pull) empujar (to push)
jugar  (to play) trabajar (to work)
juntar (to join) separar (to separate)
levantarse (to get up) sentarse  (to sit down)
meter (to put in) sacar (to take out)
nacer (to be born) morir  (to die)
perder  (to lose) ganar (to win)              or encontrar     (to find)
permitir (to permit) prohibir (to prohibit)
preguntar (to ask) responder, contestar (to answer)
prestar (to lend) pedir  prestado (to borrow)
quedarse (to stay) irse, salir, marcharse (to leave)
quitarse (to take off) ponerse (to put on)
recordar (to remember) olvidar (to forget)
reír  (to laugh) llorar (to cry)
sumar (to add) restar (to subtract)
tomar (to take) dar (to give)
unir (to unite) dividir, desunir (to divide)
vaciar (to empty) llenar (to fill)