Monday, September 14, 2015

My House

My name is Robert. I live in Valencia, Spain. Valencia is on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Valencia has beaches and parks. Valencia is a very beautiful city. Valencia is big but Barcelona is bigger than Valencia. Madrid is the biggest city in Spain.
I live in an apartment building. The building is very big. My flat is on the 4th floor. There are many flats (apartments) in my building.
I live with my family. I live with my mother, father, and my sister. My sister is four years old. I am older than my sister. I am eight years old. 

This is my bedroom. I sleep in my bedroom. My toys are in the bedroom.There is a window, a bed, a red and yellow rug, and a mirror in my bedroom. What is in your bedroom?

This is the bathroom. There is a toilet, a sink, a mirror, and a bath in the bathroom. I take a shower in the bathroom.

I watch TV in the living room on the sofa. Sometimes I sleep on the sofa.What is in the living room? There is a TV, a sofa, a table, a window, a purple rug, and a painting on the wall. 

I eat in the dining room. I have breakfast at 08:00 (eight o’clock). For breakfast I have toast and milk.

I have lunch at two o’clock. For lunch I have paella, spaghetti, or pizza.

I have dinner at nine o’clock. For dinner I have soup and bread.

My mother and father cook in the kitchen. There is a fridge, a stove, and a sink in the kitchen. I wash the dishes in the sink. My father cooks on the stove. The food is in the fridge because it is cold.

I go to the supermarket with my family. We buy food at the supermarket. My sister rides in the cart. 
What is your favorite fruit? Do you like apples?  
What is your favorite vegetable? Do you like onions?  

 What color are carrots? What color are tomatoes? What color are bananas?