Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Reading L1

Vocabulary Red Roses

To Arrive – llegar – I arrive at school at 9:00 every day.
To Think – pensar – Anna thinks about the man with the roses.
To Drive – conducir – My father drives me to school in the morning.
To Listen – escuchar – Do you like to listen to music?
To Hear – oír – Can you hear the TV?
To Want – querer – I want a new bike.
To Bring – traer – Will brings roses to his grandmother
To Carry – llevar – Anna carries the bags to the apartment.
To Ask – preguntar – The student asks, “Can you give me some paper?”
To Answer – contestar – The teacher answers the student.
To Reply – contestar – “We want to play football,” the boys reply.
To Forget – olvidar – Don’t forget to take your books to school!
To Remember – recordar – His mother always remembers his birthday.
To Meet – conocer, quedar – Will meets three girls at the party. I’m going to meet my friends at the cinema.
Perhaps = Maybe - quizás – Perhaps we can go to the park after class.
Stairs – escaleras Upstairs  - arriba  ****  Downstairs – abajo
Outside – fuera    ****  Inside – dentro
Must - Deber
I must go. Debo ir.   You must study. Debes estudiar.
You must listen. Debes escuchar
I have to study. Tengo que estudiar. We have to go to school. Tenemos que ir al colegio.

Vocabulary Kidnap

To Kidnap – secuestrar, raptar
Kidnapper – secuestrador, raptor
Comic strip – historieta, tira cómica
Bookstore, Bookshop – librería
Library – biblioteca
To Fall (fell, fallen) – caer
Van – furgoneta
Tow Truck - grua
Body - cuerpo
Bodyguard – guarda espalda
Gun – arma de fuego
Pistol – pistol
To Hurry – darse prisa, apresurarse, apurarse *
Hurry up! - ¡Apúrate!
Ice – hielo
To Skid – patinar  - The van skids on the ice. La furgoneta patina en el hielo.
Close (near) – cerca  * I live close to Turia Park.

Vocabulary Police TV

To Jog – hacer footing, correr
Jogger – corredor
To Run into - chocar * He runs into the old woman.
To Steal, stole, stolen – robar
Nice – amable, simpatico