Friday, February 19, 2010


Questions about Radio Boy

Chapter One

What does Steve open? … He opens his eyes.
What does he say to the radio? … He says “Hi, Tara” to the radio.
Who does he always listen to on Saturday mornings? … He always listens to Tara Mason on Saturday mornings.
Who is Steve’s favorite person on Roundbay Radio? … Tara Mason is his favorite person on Roundbay Radio.
Who calls Steve from the kitchen? … His mother calls him from the kitchen.
Does Steve answer? …No, Steve doesn’t answer.
Does he want to get up? … No, he does not want to get up.
What does he do again? … He closes his eyes again.
What can Steve see across the road? … He can see Roundbay Beach across the road.
What color is the sky? … The sky is grey.
How many people are there on the beach? … There are one or two people on the beach.
How long does Steve watch the girl? … He watches the girl for a minute or two.
What is the girl wearing? … She is wearing jeans and a yellow shirt.
What is Anna looking for? She is looking for interesting things—for pebbles and shells.
Where does Anna put the bottle? ..She puts it in her bag.
What does she look at? … She looks at the sky.
Who does Anna see? … She sees a man and a small boy walking by the sea.
What does the man say to the boy? … He says, “Don’t go near it, Tom.”
Where does she walk? … She walks quickly up the road.
Where does Steve sit? … Steve sits in the kitchen.
Where is Steve sitting? … Steve is sitting in the kitchen.
What does he listen to? … He listens to the music on the radio.
What is Steve listening to? … He is listening to the music on the radio.
What does his mother say? … She says, “I need some shopping.”
What does she give him? … She gives him a list.
What time does Tara Mason finish? … She finishes at eleven o’clock.
What does Steve finish? … He finishes his breakfast.
What does his mother give him? … She gives him some money.
Who gives Steve some money? … His mother gives him some money.
To whom does she give some money? … She gives some money to Steve.
His mother says, “Don’t be long.” Why doesn’t he hear her? … He doesn’t hear her because he has music in his ears.

Chapter Two

Where does Anna take her bag? … She takes it to her room.
Where does she sit? … She sits on the bed.
Who can she hear watching a television program? … She can hear her young brother.
How old is Andy? … Andy is five years old.
What does Andy like to watch on Saturday mornings? … He likes to watch children’s television.
What does Anna put on her table? … She puts the shells, pebbles, and other things from the beach there (on the table).
What does Anna do? … She sits down and draws the shell on some paper.
What does she look at? … She looks at it (the drawing of the shell).
Is she happy with it? …, No, she is not happy with it.
What does she look for? … She looks for more paper.
Where does Anna go? … She goes to her brother’s room.
Does Andy look at her? … No, Andy does not look at her.
What is Andy doing? … He is sitting on his bed and watching television.
Who is sitting on his bed and watching television? … Andy is sitting on his bed and watching television.
What does Anna ask him? … She asks him, “Where is my paper?”