Saturday, January 22, 2011

Questions for Dead Man's Island L2

Where does Carol live at the beginning of the story?
Who does Carol live with at the beginning of the story?
Who is Jake Rosso?
Jake Rosso is a pop singer.
What happens to Jake Rosso? What happens to him?
He dies in a car accident.
What happens to her father? What happens to Carol’s father?
He dies in a plane crash.
Where do Carol and her mother go after her father dies?
After her father dies they go to London.
Where do they live in London?
They live in a hotel.
Are hotels expensive?
Yes, hotels are expensive.
Where do Carol and her mother go after they move to London?
Carol and her mother go to a small private island.
Where is the private island?
There are many strange things about Mr. Ross.
What are the strange things about Mr. Ross?
Does Carol know how to ride a horse? Can Carol ride a horse?
Yes, Carol knows how to ride a horse. Carol can ride a horse.
Why does Mr. Duncan spoil Carol’s film?
Because Mr. Ross doesn’t like pictures of him.
Because Carol took a picture of Mr. Ross.
Where does Mr. Ross hide the key to the locked room?
He hides the key in the pot next to the door to the locked room.
Who is Mr. Ross?
He is Jake Rosso, the pop singer.
Why does Jake Rosso fake his death?
Because he had a car accident and he killed a young girl.
Who are the people on the island? Who are the other people on the island?
The people on the island are Mr. Ross’ family. They are his relatives.
Does Carol keep Mr. Ross’ secret?
Yes, Carol keeps the secret; she doesn’t tell anyone.