Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I Hate Grammar Exercises!

Put the verbs in the following sentences into the simple past tense.

1 I go to work by bus.
2 I meet her on Tuesdays.
3 He always wears black.
4 I make cakes every week.
5 She gets up at 6.30.
6 He understands me.
7 He shuts/closes the shop at 6.00.
8 She speaks slowly.
9 He leaves the house at 9.00.
10 I read a chapter every night.
11 You eat too much.
12 I see him every day.
13 Tom sings in the choir.
14 He cries when he is hurt.
15 Who knows the answer?
16 I think I know it.
17 The curtain rises at 8.00.
18 He takes the dog out twice a day.
19 We buy them here.
20 I dream every night.
21 He has chickens in his garden.
22 He often feels ill.
23 I know what he wants.
24 I usually pay him every week.
25 His dog always bites me.
26 It smells odd.
27 It costs 30 euros.
28 My back hurts.
29 I take a nap after lunch. (take a nap – tomar una siesta)
30 We drink water.
31 His roses grow well.
32 He rides every day.
33 He often falls off.
34 These dogs fight whenever they meet.
35 He goes to Asturias every summer.
36 He sleeps badly.

Put either a full or partial infinitive where necessary:

1 You don’t have (come) tomorrow.
2 People used (travel) on horseback.
3 I'll have (hurry).
4 You should (take) a holiday.
5 I'll (I will) (lend) him some money.
6 You are (go) at once.
7 We didn't have (pay) anything.
8 There won't (be) enough room for everyone.
9 You can (see) the windmill from here.
10 He was able (explain).
11 We may have (stay) here all night.
12 He used (spend) a lot of time in his library.
13 He didn't dare (say) anything.
14 Don't (move).
15 We'll (look) for a hotel.
16 You needn't (look) for a hotel; I'll be able (put) you up.
17 The doctor said that I ought (give up) smoking.
18 He used to drink quite a lot.
19 He should (be) ready by now.
20 May I (ask) you a question?
21 I shan't be able (do) it till after the holidays.
22 I didn't need (say) anything.
23 How dare you (open) my letters!
24 They ought (warn) people about the dangerous currents.
25 I should (say) nothing about it if I were you.
26 You are not (mention) this to anyone.
27 Why do they (obey) him?~
They don't dare (refuse).
28 You must (look) both ways before crossing the road.
29 Your map may (have been) out of date.
30 You ought (have finished) it last night.
31 I must (say) I think you behaved very badly.
32 I will have (carry) a tent.
33 We've got (get out).
34 It might (kill) somebody.
35 Should you (be) watching TV?
36 Shouldn't you (be) doing your homework?

Put these sentences in the negative using Do, Doesn’t, Did, Didn’t

1 They have eggs for breakfast.
2 He needs a new coat.
3 He used to sell fruit.
4 They have to work hard.
5 She does the housework.
6 He needs more money.
7 He had a row with his boss.
8 She had a heart attack.
9 Her hair needed cutting.
10 He does his homework after supper.
11 She has a singing lesson every week.
12 She had to make a speech.
13 He does his best.
14 He has to get up at six every day.
15 The children have dinner at school.
16 She dared him to climb it.
17 You did it on purpose.
18 He has his piano tuned regularly, (see 119)
19 He dares to say that!
20 They had a good time.
21 The drink did him good.
22 My watch needs cleaning.
23 He had an accident.
24 You had your house painted.
25 She used to make her own clothes.
26 You do the exercises.
27 He had difficulty (in) getting a job.
28 He dared to interrupt the president, did he? (Omit final did he?)