Friday, March 22, 2013


4,000 Essential Words

Spanish speakers who learn English have a big advantage over many others when they decide to learn English because about 32% of English comes directly from French and Latin. If you look through this book you will recognize hundreds and perhaps thousands of cognates. Below is a random sample from the book and I think every word has a cognate in Spanish:

compact covenant

compassion kindness

compatible well-matched, harmonious

compatriot countryman

compelling convincing, persuasive

compendium summary

compensate make up for

compensatory redeeming

competence skillfulness

compile collect

complacent self-satisfied, oblivious to coming danger

compliant submissive, conforming

complicity guilt by association

comport to conduct oneself

composed cool, self-possessed

compound augment

comprehensive thorough

comprise consist of

compulsive obsessive

compulsory obligatory

compunction remorse

concatenate link

concave curving inward

concede yield, grant

concerted done together, intensive effort

conch spiral shell

conciliatory reconciling, restoring goodwill

concise brief

conclusive convincing, ending doubt

concoct devise

concomitant accompanying,


concord accord

concordat agreement

concourse throng, open space for a gathering

concubine mistress

concur agree

concurrent simultaneous

condescend patronize, talk down to

condiment seasoning

condolence commiseration

condone overlook wrong doing, pardon

conducive helping