Monday, October 21, 2013

Adjective Order

A veces utilizamos dos adjetivos juntos:
- My parents live in a beautiful new house
- A dirty old black cat is wandering the streets

    Adjetivos como “beautiful” y “dirty son adjetivos de opinión y van antes de adjetivos de hecho.

B /   Adjetivos de Hecho
      Adjetivos como “new, old, black” son adjetivos de hecho y nos cuentan información sobre edad, color, tamaño, forma, material, o propósito.
      A veces usamos dos adjetivos de hecho o más y van en este orden:

1  /   SIZE  :       How big is it?         Large, small, tiny, enormous
2 /     AGE   :      How old is it?           New, young, old, ancient
3 /    SHAPE :    What is its shape?     Square, round, rectangular, flat
4 / COLOR :    What color is it?      Blue, pink, yellow, crimson
5 /  ORIGIN :    Where is it from?      English, American, Chinese, French
6 / MATERIAL: What is it made of?    Plastic, cardboard, glass, wooden
7 / PURPOSE : What it is used for?    Racing car, frying pan, rocking chair 

1 / Tamaño: Cómo es de grande? Grande, pequeño, minúsculo, enorme
2 / EDAD: ¿Cuántos años tiene? Nuevo, joven, viejo, antiguo
3 / FORMA: ¿Cuál es su forma? Cuadrada, redonda, rectangular, plano
4 / COLOR: ¿De qué color es? Azul, rosa, amarillo, carmesí
5 / ORIGEN: ¿De dónde es? Inglés, americano, chino, francés
6 / MATERIAL: Lo que está hecha? Plástico, cartón, vidrio, madera
7 / PROPÓSITO: ¿Para qué se utiliza? Carreras de coches, sartén, mecedora

Ejemplos : 
-  An interesting (opinión ) old (2)  book
-  An ugly (opinion) pink (4 ) plastic (6) ornament 
-  A nice (opinion) small (1) African (5) drum
-  A delicious (opinion) round (3) chocolate (6) cake
-  A pair of smart( opinion) brown  (4) leather (6) boots
-  A beautiful (opinion) small (1) white (4) Chinese (5 ) computer
-  A nice (opinion) big (1) old (2) square (3) white (4) French (5) china (6) plate *
 * This last example comes from the BBC site, but we do not usually put more than three adjectives together!
   When there are two color adjectives, we use and :
-  A big green and yellow hat


1) At home there is a __________________ table in the dining room.
[ ]wooden beautiful square
[ ]beautiful wooden square
[ ]beautiful square wooden

2) I was offered __________________ ring by my husband.
[ ]a gold  unusual
[ ]an unusual gold

3) My grandmother has knitted __________________ pullover for me.
[ ]a new nice woollen
[ ]a nice new woollen
[ ]a woollen new nice

4) I saw __________________ movie with friends at home.
[ ]An old American interesting
[ ]An American old interesting
[ ]an interesting old American

5) It may rain ! There are __________________ clouds floating in the air.
[ ]black big
[ ]big black

6) It was such __________________ day that we decided to go out for a walk.
[ ]a sunny lovely
[ ]a lovely sunny

7) My daughter has __________________ hair.
[ ]beautiful long black
[ ]black long beautiful
[ ]long beautiful black

8) Last week, I visited __________________ village in a remote place.
[ ]an old lovely little
[ ]a lovely little old
[ ]a little lovely old

9) The gallery exhibited mainly __________________ paintings.
[ ]old strange French
[ ]French old strange
[ ]strange old French

10) John was given __________________ kitten by his sister
[ ]a little black adorable
[ ]a black little adorable
[ ]an adorable little black

11) It started to rain so I opened __________________ umbrella
[ ]an enormous red and yellow
[ ]an enormous red yellow
[ ]a red and yellow enormous

12) I came into a __________________ house built in 1860
[ ]old picturesque
[ ]picturesque old

13) A __________________ was parked opposite my house.
[ ]  new Italian shiny sports car
[ ]  shiny Italian new sports car
[ ]shiny new Italian sports car


1. beautiful square wooden
2. an unusual gold
3. a nice new woollen
4. an interesting old American
5. big black
6. a lovely sunny
7. beautiful long black
8. a lovely little old
9. strange old French
10. an adorable little black
11. an enormous red and yellow
12. picturesque old
13. shiny new Italian sports car

More Exercises:

1. He was wearing a ________ shirt.
  dirty old flannel
  flannel old dirty
  old dirty flannel
(vieja franela sucia)

2. Pass me the ________ cups.
  plastic big blue
  big blue plastic
  big plastic blue
(azul grande de plástico)

3. All the girls fell in love with the ________ teacher.
  handsome new American
  American new handsome
  new handsome American

4. I used to drive ________ car.
  a blue old German
  an old German blue
  an old blue German

5. He recently married a ________ woman.
  young beautiful Greek
  beautiful young Greek
  beautiful Greek young

6. This is a ________ movie.
  new Italian wonderful
  wonderful Italian new
  wonderful new Italian
(nuevo y maravilloso italiano)

7. She is a ________ supermodel.
  beautiful slim Brazilian
  Brazilian beautiful slim
  slim Brazilian beautiful
(hermosa delgada brasileña)

8. It's in the ________ container.
  large blue metal
  blue large metal
  blue metal large

9. He sat behind a ________ desk.
  big wooden brown
  big brown wooden
  wooden big brown

10. She gave him a ________ vase.
  small Egyptian black
  black Egyptian small
  small black Egyptian


He was wearing a dirty old flannel shirt.
Pass me the big blue plastic cups.
All the girls fell in love with the handsome new American teacher.
I used to drive an old blue German car.
He recently married a beautiful young Greek woman.
This is a wonderful new Italian movie.
She is a beautiful slim Brazilian supermodel.
It's in the large blue metal container.
He sat behind a big brown wooden desk.
She gave him a small black Egyptian vase.