Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Where are they?

Where is the  boy? Is the boy at school?
 Where is the cat? Why is the cat in the fridge? What is he doing? Why is the cat sleeping in the fridge? Is it hot?
 Where is the fox?
 The birds are over the trees. The birds are flying over the trees.
 The cat is playing in the box. Cats like to play in boxes?
 Where is the dog? Where is the cat? Is the cat in the house? Is the dog on top of the house?
 Where are the children? Why are they inside? Why are the children in the house?
 Not again! The stupid cat is in the fridge again. The cat likes to hide in the fridge.
 Where are the dishes? Where are the cups? The dishes and the cups are in the sink.
 Where is the train? Is it a big train or a little train?
The dog is very tired. He sleeps under the table.