Sunday, September 13, 2015

Let's Go!

She drinks water. She is thirsty.
She drinks a big bottle of water. 
I drink water. 
Do you drink juice?

The girl eats. The girl is very hungry.
The little girl eats spaghetti. 

The people dance. They dance. The man dances.
Can you dance?
Do you like to dance?
Are you a good dancer? 
Who is the best dancer on The Next Step?
The cat and the little mouse drink the milk. 
Patrick eats in bed.
I eat in the kitchen. I eat in the dining room.
Where do you eat?

The bird flies. Can bats fly? 
Can monkeys fly?
What animals can fly?
Birds, Bats, Butterflies, Mosquitoes

Homer runs. Homer runs very fast.
Can you run fast?

The little man walks. The blue man walks. 
I walk to the park. 
Do you walk to school?
The cat, the dog, and the bear sleep. I sleep in my bedroom.
I sleep on my bed. Sometimes I sleep on the sofa.
Where do you sleep? 
They like to sing. The man and the woman like to sing.
The man sings. The woman sings. 
Can you sing?
Do you like to sing?
Who is your favorite singer? 
Are you a good singer? 
What is your favorite song? 
The baby swims. 
I swim in the pool. I swim in the sea. I swim at the beach.
Can Elephants swim? Yes, elephants can swim.
The girl reads a book.
Can you read? 
Do you like to read? 
The man writes. He writes his name. His name is Harry.
Can you write?
The boy laughs. Nelson laughs. 
We laugh at jokes. Jokes are funny.
The girl plays guitar. Can you play the guitar?