Saturday, November 3, 2012

Verb Practice

I run. I ran. I am running.  I have never run a marathon.
I was running to school when I saw the accident.

You read. You read (red). You are reading. I have read Don Quijote.
You were reading when the phone rang.

We drive to the store. We drove. We are driving. We have driven there.
We were driving to the store when the accident happened.

I bring my pack. I brought it. I was bringing it. I have brought it.
I was bringing the dog his food when he bit me.

He thinks. I thought. He was thinking. He has thought a lot about it.
He was thinking about the problem when he found the answer.

She wakes up at 7. She woke up at 7. She was waking up. She has woken up.
She was waking up when the alarm rang.

They sell fish. They sold fish. They are selling fish. They have sold fish.
They were selling their house so he bought it from them.