Thursday, May 8, 2014

Rapid-Fire Past Tense: A Day in the Life

Make sentences with these past tense verbs and try to add something to the story.

Woke up at 7 o’clock
Went back to sleep because it was too early
Woke up again
Got out of bed
Made my bed
Fed the dog
Had breakfast
Read the newspaper
Took a shower
Got dressed / put on my clothes
Took the dog out / Took the dog for walk / Walked the dog
Tried to walk the cat
Walked to the supermarket
Bought groceries (comida, provisiones)
Came home and put away groceries
Washed some clothes / Did some washing
Put away my clothes
Talked to my mother on the phone / called my mom
Cleaned my flat
Rode my bike
Went to the beach
Met some of my friends
Had a cup of coffee at a café at the beach
Came home
Changed my clothes
Went shopping at Aqua
Bought some shoes
Bought some clothes
Brought my shopping home
Had lunch
Drank a glass of wine
Took a nap
Needed more coffee
Went downstairs to the café
Had a cup of coffee
Watched some football on the TV
Valencia won
Everyone in the bar was very happy
Ate some squid at the bar
Had some anchovies
Tried a little plate of octopus
Came back home
Made dinner / Cooked dinner / Prepared dinner
Had dinner
Washed the dishes
Put away the dishes
Brushed my teeth
Went to bed
Fell asleep