Monday, November 3, 2014

Five Little Monkeys


There are five little monkeys in a family. The mother is in the kitchen. The father monkey is at work. The five little monkeys are in the bedroom. The monkey's names are Arturo, Robert, Matthew, Jane, and Anna.

The five little monkeys like to jump on the bed. They jump on the bed. They have lots of fun.

Then one little monkey falls off the bed and bumps his head. He cries. Their mother comes from the kitchen to the bedroom. She is very worried.

“What happened?” asked the mother.

“Arturo fell off the bed and bumped his head,” the monkeys answer.

Mama monkey calls the doctor. The doctor is very angry. The doctor doesn’t like little monkeys jumping on the bed.

The doctor says, “No more stupid monkeys jumping on the stupid bed! Do you understand?” 

The mother understands. She tells the little monkeys to stop jumping on the bed.  

Do the little monkeys listen to their mother? No, they don't listen to her. They like jumping on the bed. There is another accident. A little monkey falls off the bed and bumps her head. Jane cries.