Monday, September 14, 2009

The and A

El uso de a, the o una frase sin artículos:

Martha is not at the office. She went home. She is in the garden. She works in the garden every day.

I am studying Spanish and Arabic. Arabic is very hard. It is a hard language to learn.

I see a dog across the street. The dog is named Spot. Do you have a dog? Dogs are good pets. The dogs on my street bark at night. A dog was barking. Dogs bark, cats meow, birds chirp, pigs oink, tigers growl, lions roar, wolves howl, and cows moo.

I went to the café and had a coffee. The coffee at the café near my house is very good. People drink a lot of coffee in Spain. I drink coffee every day. I drink a cup of coffee every day.

I looked at the clock in the church tower and I knew that it would be difficult to arrive at the train station for the train at 10:00. I like trains. I hate cars. I love bikes. It was a beautiful day so I rode my bike instead of taking the train. The road was empty. There were no cars. There was a boy on a blue bicycle in front of me. I went past him at the corner of the next street. I have a white bike. I have a water bottle for my bike. The water bottle is white. I have a red shirt. The shirt is new. A bus crossed the street in front of me. The bus was full of people. The people on the bus were reading. People like to read on the bus.