Thursday, September 17, 2009

Phrasal Verbs with "Look"

Abajo hay una lista de phrasal verbs con look con sus significados. Despues hay un ejemplo.

Look after – cuidar
She looks after her mother who is very old.

Look into – investigar
I am looking into buying an apartment in this neighborhood.

Look up to – admirar
Most young boys look up to football players.

Look down on – despreciar
Most people look down on food from McDonald’s.

Look forward to - tener ganas
I am looking forward to my vacation in August.

Look up - buscar información
I had to look up the number for a plumber in the phone book.

Look for - buscar algo ó alguien
I looked for my car keys all morning.

Look out! – ¡cuidado!
Look out! A car is coming!