Thursday, January 1, 2015

Dead Man's Island L2

 Dead Mans Island - Oxford Bookworms Library 2
by John Escott

Mr Ross lives on an island where no visitors come. He stops people from taking photographs of him. He is young and rich, but he looks sad. And there is one room in his house which is always locked. Carol Sanders and her mother come to the island to work for Mr Ross. Carol soon decides that there is something very strange about Mr Ross. Where did he get his money from How can a young man buy an island So she watches, and she listens - and one night she learns what is behind the locked door.

Questions for Dead Man’s Island

Where does Carol live at the beginning of the story?
Who does she live with?
What kind/type of music does she like?
Who were her favorites? Who were her favorite singers?
How did Jake Rosso die?
When did he die? (the year Carol left school)
What did Carol’s father do? What did he do for a living?
How did Carol’s father die?
At the time of the plane crash, what was Carol doing? (a student at college or studying at university)
Did the police arrest Carol for drugs?
What did her mother decide to do? Where did they go?
Where did Carol and her mother stay in London?
Where did they read about the job for a secretary?
In which hotel was Greta Ross staying?
How long did Carol and her family live in Honk Kong? (7 Years)
Where did Carol's family live before Hong Kong? 
Did Carol's mother get the job? 
Where was the job? (a small private island)