Friday, January 16, 2015

Level 1 Questions


1.    Who is your favorite teacher?

2.    Is it hot outside today?

3.    Is summer hotter than winter?

4.    What is the coldest month of the year?

5.    Is Chinese more difficult than English?

6.    Is summer better than winter?

7.    What is the best month of the year to go to the beach?

8.    What is the worst month to go to the beach?

9.    What day is today?

10.                     What day is tomorrow?

11.                     Do you go to school on Saturday?

12.                     Do you have a brother?

13.                     How old is your brother?

14.                     Do you have a sister?

15.                     How old is your dog?

16.                     Is Valencia bigger than Madrid?

17.                     What is the biggest city in Spain?

18.                     Is Madrid bigger than Barcelona?

19.                     What is the biggest country in the world?

20.                     Who is older: Obama or Rajoy?

21.                     Where do you live?

22.                     Where is Disneyland?

23.                     Where is your phone?

24.                     What is the name of your school?

25.                     How many pets do you have?

26.                     How many days are in a week?                                                                                                                                                                                                

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

27.                     How many months are in a year? January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

28.                     Do you like paella?

29.                     What can I make with rice, chicken, rabbit, tomato, and green beans?

30.                     What can you cook with eggs, potatoes, and olive oil?

31.                     What is the name of the cold soup that you make with tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, green pepper, red pepper, garlic, olive oil, and bread?

32.                     Can you cook?

33.                     Can you swim?

34.                     Can you ride a bike?

35.                     What day comes after Sunday?

36.                     What day comes before Monday?

37.                     Do you study after school?

38.                     Do you have lunch after breakfast?

39.                     When is your birthday?

40.                     How old are you?

41.                     Do you like Fallas?

42.                     Do you like firecrackers (petardos)?

43.                     Who is the president of the United States?

44.                     Do you like pizza?

45.                     What do you put on your pizza? A lot of things

46.                     Do you put cheese on your pizza?

47.                     Do you put ham on your pizza?

48.                     Do you like tomatoes?

49.                     Do you like exams?

50.                     What time do you go to bed?

51.                     What time do you wake up in the morning?

52.                     What do you have for breakfast? Cookies  cereal milk yogurt fruit

53.                     What do you have for lunch?

54.                     Do you have yogurt for dinner?

55.                     Do you have pizza for breakfast?

56.                     What is in your bedroom?

57.                     What is in the living room?

58.                     What is in the kitchen? Fridge, sink, table, stove, microwave oven

59.                     Do you cook in the bathroom?

60.                     Do you sleep in the kitchen?

61.                     Where do you watch TV?

62.                     Where do you do your homework? (deberes)

63.                     Is your swimming pool big or small?

64.                     Is your school good or bad?

65.                     Is winter hot or cold?

66.                     Is summer hot or cold?

67.                     Do you have a bike?

68.                     What color is your bike?

69.                     Do you ride your bike in the park?

70.                     Do you have a car?

71.                     What is faster: a horse or a pig?

72.                     Is an elephant bigger than a mouse?

73.                     Can bats fly?

74.                     Can polar bears swim?

75.                     Can monkeys climb trees?

76.                     Can all insects fly?

77.                     Is paella for lunch or for breakfast?

78.                     Where does Santa Claus live? The North Pole

79.                     How many kings are there?

80.                     Where do the kings live? (In the East)

81.                     Do you like Christmas?

82.                     What did you get for Christmas? (I got a new bike)

83.                     Where is the market? Is it near or far from your house?

84.                     Is John old or young?

85.                     What color is the sky? blue

86.                     What color is the sea?

87.                     Is Valencia near or far from the Mediterranean Sea?

88.                     Do you swim in the sea or in a swimming pool? both

89.                     What is bigger: a chicken or a lion?

90.                     Do lions live in Valencia?

91.                     Do lions and elephants live in Africa?

92.                     Do monkeys live at the zoo?

93.                     Are there monkeys in the circus?

94.                     Are there people on the moon?

95.                     Are there monkeys at your school?

96.                     Are there elephants at the beach?

97.                     Are there fish in the sea?

98.                     What time is it? It is 7:40

99.                     How many fingers are on your hand?

100.               How many toes are on your foot?

101.               How many toes are on both of your feet?