Saturday, April 6, 2013

Extra English

Soap Opera - Culebrón 
We call them soap operas because these television programs are on in the afternoon and most of the commercials are for soap—soap for washing clothes, soap for washing dishes, soap for washing your body, and shampoo.

 "Extr@ is the story of Bridget and Annie, Hector and Nick, four good-looking 19-22 year olds who are thrown together to play out their romances, life crises and contrasting interests in a familiar sitcom setting.

The two girls share a flat in London and Nick is their neighbour. When Hector, with only a very basic grasp of English, comes to visit, everything starts to go wrong. Or right! His efforts to get to grips with the language provide the central dynamic for the series and its language learning content.

On the first episode, Bridget, a fitness enthusiast, receives a letter from her old pen friend in Argentina, Hector, saying that he plans to visit her. When Hector arrives, at first he doesn't look very attractive and the girls decide that Hector can't stay with them. That is, until he emerges from the shower!  Nick discovers that Hector comes from 'one of the richest families in Argentina', but Hector is determined to keep it a secret. Now, both Nick and the girls are very keen for him to stay (they want him to stay)!

Full Texts for Every Episode