Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Poor Little Girl Who Had a Very Sad Life L3

I need an iPhone! Now!
Based on a true story!

Once upon a time there was a young girl named Anna who lived in Valencia. She had a good family. She had a beautiful house and nice clothes to wear to school. Her family wasn’t rich but they weren’t poor. They were a normal, middle class family. However, Anna was very unhappy because all of her friends had iPhones or Blackberry’s but she only had a cheap Nokia. Her cell phone didn’t even have a camera. She could only use her phone to talk to other people.  All of the kids at school made fun of Anna because she didn’t have Twitter or Whatsapp.

For her birthday Anna asked her parents for an iPhone. Her parents said that she already had a cell phone. They told her not to worry about silly things like Twitter and YouTube videos. They told Anna that she should go to the park and play. They gave Anna a beautiful new bike for her birthday instead of an iPhone. Anna asked her mother and father if she could sell her new bike and buy an iPhone. “No,” they said.

"It is almost Christmas," Anna thought. I will ask my parents to buy me an iPhone for Christmas. But for Christmas her parents took Anna to New York and they bought her a new violin; they didn’t get her an iPhone.  "Everyone always talks about the miracle of Christmas but where is my miracle?" Anna shouted. She was very depressed.

Perhaps my mom and dad will get me an iPhone for Los Reyes Magos this year, Anna thought. On the day of Los Reyes Magos Anna’s parents gave her a small gift. Anna yelled, “You finally bought me an iPhone! I thought that you didn’t love me. I am so happy!” But when Anna opened the gift it was only a stupid book…an English book. “Why?” Anna screamed. “What did I do to deserve this terrible gift?”

The next morning Anna walked to the adoption agency. She asked the people at the adoption agency to give her a new family with new parents. Anna’s new parents bought her a new iPhone 5. "I am the happiest little girl in all of Valencia," Anna tweeted to all of her friends. (To Tweet - To send a message on Twitter)

Anna lived happily ever after until the new iPhone 6 came out one year later. Her new parents said that she didn’t need the new iPhone 6. "This is a nightmare," Anna thought. “I’ll see you later,” Anna said to her new mother and father. "You are nice people but I need the new iPhone 6. All my friends have this phone. The iPhone 6 is a 'must-have' item for teenagers. Everyone knows that." Anna went to her room and packed her suitcases. She said goodbye to her new parents and started to walk to the adoption agency with her two suitcases. She stopped in front of the supermarket and gave her iPhone 5 to an old gypsy woman sitting on the sidewalk. The old gypsy woman gave the iPhone 5 back to Anna. The old woman sitting in front of Mercadona whispered to Anna, "No thank you. I'm going to wait for the new iPhone 6. It comes out next week."

Next Week's Story: The Little Boy Who Only Had 12 Xbox Games

Once upon a time... - érase una vez
...they lived happily ever after – vivieron felices para siempre

However – sin embargo
Instead of – en vez de, en lugar de
To Make fun of – burlarse

To shout, To Yell – gritar
To Scream – chillar
To Whisper - susurrar

To Tweet (send a message on Twitter) - Piar
Sidewalk (USA), Pavement (UK)- acera

1) Was Anna’s family rich or poor?
2) If Anna’s parents loved her then why didn’t they buy her an iPhone?
3) What kind of phone did Anna have at the beginning of the story?
4) What did Anna get for her birthday?
5) Why did the old gypsy woman return Anna’s iPhone 5?