Saturday, March 1, 2014

Mr. Bean at the Barber Shop

Mr. Bean wants a haircut. He goes to the barber shop.
He walks into the barber shop but he has to wait because another man is getting his hair cut.

He sits down to wait. He reads a comic book.
Then Mr. Bean sees some pictures of men on the wall.

“I want a nice haircut,” Mr. Bean thinks. “Who do I want to look like?”

The barber finishes with the first man. He asks Mr. Bean, “Have you made your mind up, sir?”
(Make your mind up = decidirse - ¿Te has decidido?)

Mr. Bean looks at the photos on the wall. One man has very long hair in a ponytail (coleta).

Mr. Bean thinks that the man looks like a horse.

Finally Mr. Bean chooses a haircut. He wants to look like Prince Charles of England.

He puts on a green apron and he sits down in the barber chair. He reads the comic book.

The barber wants Mr. Bean to put his head up but Mr. Bean looks down to read the comic.

Then the phone rings. The barber goes into the other room to talk on the phone. The barber is away for a long time.

Now Mr. Bean is alone in the barber shop.  He stands up and pretends to be a barber. He pretends to cut hair.

Suddenly, a woman and her son come into the barber shop. The woman thinks that Mr. Bean is the barber. She tells Mr. Bean to cut her son’s hair. She is in a hurry because she forgot something. She says that she will come back soon. She leaves.

The boy sits down in the barber chair and Mr. Bean begins to cut the boy’s hair. The haircut is a disaster. Mr. Bean is not a real barber and he doesn’t know how to cut hair. In the end the little boy likes the haircut. He puts on his hat.

His mother returns and pays Mr. Bean. She gives him a tip (propina).

Next two men come into the shop and they want haircuts. They both sit down.

One man has long hair and a ponytail. He wants only a little haircut.

The other man wears glasses. He takes off his glasses and sits in the barber chair. He can’t see without his glasses and he thinks that Mr. Bean is the real barber.

The man with long hair reads a magazine and Mr. Bean begins to cut his hair. Mr. Bean begins to read the magazine and accidentally cuts off the man’s ponytail.

Then Mr. Bean cuts the other man’s hair. It is a disaster but the man can’t see without his glasses.

Mr. Bean finishes with the man with the ponytail. He doesn’t want the man to see that he doesn’t have a ponytail. Instead of a mirror Mr. Bean holds a photo of a man with a ponytail.

The man is happy with the haircut. He pays Mr. Bean and gives him a tip.

“Keep the change,” he says to Mr. Bean. He leaves the shop. 

Then the mother and the boy return to the shop. The real barber returns from the other room of the shop. 

The mother is very unhappy with the haircut. 

The man with the ponytail returns to the shop. He is very unhappy because Mr. Bean cut off his ponytail.

Mr. Bean leaves the shop with a picture of Prince Charles on his face.