Saturday, August 23, 2014


Water and Apples

Jane likes to eat apples. She likes to eat big red apples. She likes to wear a blue hat. She wears a big blue hat on her head. She wears a hat and eats an apple. She drinks some water from a white cup. Jane drinks water and eats apples. She doesn't cut the apple with a knife. A knife is sharp. She just eats the apple. She holds the apple in her hand. She bites into the apple with her teeth. She licks her lips. She drinks more water. She wipes her mouth with her hand.


When does John eat breakfast? He eats breakfast in the morning. What does he eat for breakfast? He eats ham and eggs. What does he drink for breakfast? He drinks coffee. Where does he eat breakfast? He eats breakfast at home. Who makes breakfast for John? His wife makes breakfast for him. Why does John eat breakfast? John eats breakfast because he is hungry. What does he do after he eats breakfast? He brushes his teeth. What does he do after he brushes his teeth? He goes to work. Which bus does he take to work? He takes the red bus #2 to work.

Elsa’s Doll

Elsa got a doll for Christmas. It is her favorite doll. It is a rag doll. It has a yellow dress. It has a blue blouse. The name of the doll is Barbie. Barbie has bright red hair. She has red lips. She has blue eyes. She has a pink ribbon in her hair. Barbie is wearing red shoes. She's wearing white socks. Barbie has a purse. Her purse is pink. The purse is empty. There is nothing in the purse. There was a little mirror in the purse. But Elsa lost the mirror. When she lost the mirror, she said, "I'm sorry, Barbie. I will get you another mirror."