Monday, February 2, 2015

Best Friends

Ana and Sara are best friends. Ana and Sara have a lot in common. They have many, many things in common. Ana has one brother and Sara has one brother, too. Sara has a sister and Ana has a sister, too. Ana lives in Valencia and Sara also lives in Valencia. Ana is seven years old. Sara is seven years old.

Ana and Sara are different, too. Ana likes pizza but Sara doesn’t like pizza. Sara likes Justin Bieber but Ana doesn’t like him. Ana says that Justin Bieber is stupid. Ana can cook but Sara can’t cook. Ana’s favorite color is yellow and Sara’s favorite color is purple.

Ana and Sara go to the pool. They both can swim but Ana goes to the pool on Monday and Sara goes on Tuesday. Sara and Ana like to swim. 

They go to the same school. They are in the same class. They have the same teacher. Sara and Ana have a lot in common. Ana's favorite teacher is Lidia. Sara's favorite teacher is Susana. They aren't sisters but they are almost sisters. 

Ana and Sara have a lot of toys. They have many toys. They have a lot of dolls. Ana has three dolls and Sara has four dolls. They like dolls. They like to play. Do you have a lot of dolls? How many dolls do you have? Do you have more dolls than Sara?

Whales are big.
The two girls have pets. Ana has two turtles and Sara has a lot of fish.  She has nine fish. The fish can swim. Can turtles swim? Can whales swim? Can sharks swim? Whales are bigger than sharks. Whales are the biggest animals in the world.
A Shark

Ana likes to listen to the radio.
Sara likes to watch TV. Sara watches The Simpsons every day. The Simpsons is a funny TV program.
Nelson laughs.
Sara laughs a lot.

Ana likes to read. Ana has lots of books in her bedroom. What is in your bedroom?

Sara likes to write stories. She writes stories every day. What is your favorite story?

Ana reads the stories. Can you read? Can you write? Can you write in Valenciano?