Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Crazy Alphabet

A All animals are always angry.

B - Black bats buy bad bananas at the big, beautiful beach.

C - Can cats and chickens clean cars and carpets?

DDolls don’t dance in the dining room; dolls drink in the dining room.

E Eleven elephants eat eggs.

FFour fast foxes find fruit on Fridays in the field.

GGreen giraffes go.

HHappy horses hop down the hills.

I – Indians live in India.

J – John’s job is a teacher.

K Kangaroos eat kiwis in the kitchen.

L Little lions like lots of lasagna. 

M – Many moneys make music in the mountains.

NNine new next door neighbors never know.

O – Old oranges fall off the oven.

P Pretty pandas put potatoes on pizza.  

Q – The queen runs quickly and quietly.

R Red rabbits runs rapidly.

S – Seven snakes sleep silently on the sofa.

T – Ten tigers sit at the table.

U – We use umbrellas in the rain.

V –Very, Very, very good.

W – White whales walk on the water.

X, Y, ZZebras live at the zoo.