Friday, October 3, 2014

My Daily Life

On school days (Monday through Friday) I wake up, more or less, at 07:00. I have breakfast at home. Usually for breakfast I have a glass of milk and cookies. I brush my teeth and put on my clothes. I put everything in my pack. I walk to school with my friends. Sometimes I put on my headphones and listen to music when I walk to school.

Class begins at nine o’clock. I have four or five classes every day and I finish at about two o’clock. I come home for lunch every day. In Spain we eat lunch at around two or two thirty in the afternoon. We have a big lunch. I eat paella or spaghetti or pizza for lunch. After lunch I go to my bedroom and take a nap.

When I wake up from my nap I take everything out of my pack and put it on the table in my room. Here is what I have in my pack: books for school, a notebook, pencils, pens, a bottle of water, and my phone.  I do my homework and study.

In the evening I watch television or I read a book. I take a shower, brush my teeth, and put on my pajamas (my PJs). I go to bed at around eleven o’clock.

On weekends I sleep late (Saturday and Sunday). I wake up at 10:00 or 11:00. I do my homework and then I hang out with my friends. We go to the park or downtown (the center). Sometimes we go to the cinema to watch a movie or we go to a restaurant and have lunch together. We all sit at the table together and send text messages and talk on our phones. We never talk to each other because that is boring and old fashioned.