Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Conversation for Kids

SARA - Hello, my name is Sara.
ANA - And my name is Ana.
SARA - I am 7 years old.
ANA - I am 8.
SARA - I live in Valencia.
ANA - I live in Valencia, too.
SARA - I go to school.
ANA - I go to the same school as Sara
SARA - We are in the same class.
ANA - Sara is my best friend.
SARA - Ana is my best friend.
ANA - My favorite color is purple.
SARA - I like yellow. My favorite TV program is Dog with a Blog.
ANA - I like that program, too. It is very funny.
SARA - Stan is a dog. He can talk.
ANA - Avery is very smart.
SARA - Tyler is her brother. He is stupid.
ANA - Cloe is a little girl.
SARA - I can swim.
ANA - I can swim, too. I can speak English. My teacher is John.
SARA - John is my teacher, too.
ANA - I have one brother and one sister.
SARA - Me, too.
ANA - Sara is my best friend.
SARA - You said that.
ANA - I watch TV in the living room.
SARA - I sleep in the bathroom.
ANA - No, you sleep in your bedroom.
A-That was a joke.
ANA - Sara is crazy.
SARA - I’m not crazy. My favorite movie is Frozen.
ANA - I love that movie.
SARA - I like Anna.
ANA - I like Elsa.
SARA - I have two turtles.
ANA - I have many fish.
SARA - Today is Monday.
ANA - Tomorrow is Tuesday.
SARA - We don’t have school on Saturday and Sunday.
ANA - I live near El Corte Inglés.
SARA - Valencia is far from China.
ANA - I drink milk, water, and juice.
SARA - I eat cookies for breakfast.
ANA - I have spaghetti for lunch.
SARA - I have dinner at 9:00 at night.
ANA - I have breakfast before school.
SARA - I have lunch at 2:00 o’clock.
ANA - My birthday is in April.
SARA - My birthday is in June.
ANA - I can cook eggs.
SARA - I can cook popcorn.
ANA - I run in the park. I like to read.
SARA - I swim at the beach. I can write in English and Spanish.
ANA - I laugh at Dog with a Blog. It is very funny.
SARA - I never cry. Almost never.

SARA - Valencia is in Spain.
ANA - Madrid is bigger than Valencia.
SARA - Barcelona is smaller than Madrid.
ANA - Madrid is the biggest city in Spain.
SARA - Ana is older than I am.
ANA - My birthday is in April and Sara’s birthday is in June.
SARA - I like the pool.
ANA - I like the beach. I like to swim in the sea.
SARA - I like to ride my bike in the park.
ANA - I can sing.
SARA - I can sing, too.
ANA - We sing together.
SARA - My favorite singer is Hannah Montana.
ANA - My favorite song is “5 Little Monkeys.”
SARA - I love that song.
ANA - 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed.
SARA - 1 fell off and bumped his head.
ANA - Mama called the doctor and the doctor said.
SARA - Stupid monkeys! Stop jumping on the bed!
ANA - Monkeys like to jump on the bed.
SARA - I like to jump on the bed.
ANA - I like to jump on the bed, too.
SARA - Are you a monkey?
ANA - No, I’m not a monkey. I’m a little girl.
SARA - Do you like bananas?
ANA - Yes, I like bananas.
SARA - Can you climb a tree?
ANA - Yes, I can climb a tree.
SARA - Monkeys like bananas and monkeys like to climb trees.
ANA - I am not a monkey!