Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My Life

My name is Sara. I am a little girl and I live in Valencia. I am 7 years old. My birthday is March 12th. I have a dog. His name is Stan. Stan can talk. Stan is very intelligent. He can read and write. Stan can ride a bike and drive a car. Stan has a blog.

Stan has 3 friends.  

I go to the park with Stan. We play together. Stan is a good dog.

Stan drives me to school in the morning. I go to Salesianos School. My school is very big. My favorite teacher is Lidia. She is very beautiful. John is my English teacher. John is ugly.

I can speak Spanish. I can speak Valenciano. I can speak English.

I live near el Corte Inglés. El Corte Inglés is a big store. I buy shoes at el Corte Inglés. I buy toys at el Corte Inglés.

My village is far. I go to my village on Saturday. My grandmother lives in the village. My grandmother can cook paella. I like my village and I like my grandmother. My village is small. Valencia is very big.

I watch TV in the living room.
I eat in the dining room.
I sleep in my bedroom.
I cook in the kitchen.

I like to go to the beach. I can swim. 

I swim in the sea and I swim the pool. Can you swim?

I can dance. I like to dance. John can dance.
John can sing. John likes to sing. Can you sing?