Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Beautiful Princess and the Bad Witch

Mary is a princess. She lives in Valencia. Mary is 20 years old. She is very beautiful. She has a pink dress. Valencia is near the sea. Mary likes the beach. She goes to the beach every Saturday.

Mary lives in a big castle. There are trees around the castle. The castle is near the mountains. Where do you live? Do you live near the mountains? Do you live far from the sea?
Mary likes pizza. Her favorite food is pizza. She likes pizza with cheese, ham, tomatoes, and olives. What do you like on your pizza? 

Mary drinks water. She drinks milk. What do you drink?

a fat cat
Mary has a pink horse and a cat. The cat likes spaghetti. He eats lots of spaghetti. Mary's cat is fat. Her horse is very fast. The horse can run very fast. Are you fast or slow?

a fast horse

Do you have a pet?

 Do you like dogs or cats?

The princess has a little baby. The baby's name is Anna. Anna is two years old. Her favorite TV program is Dog with a Blog. Anna watches TV in the living room. Where do you watch TV?

Dog with a Blog is very funny. Stan is a dog and he can talk. Stan lives with Avery, Tyler, and Cloe. Anna watches TV every day.

The baby laughs.

Beautiful or Pretty .... Ugly
Tall  ...........................Short
Thin ............................Fat
Big .............................Small or Little 
Fast ............................Slow
Smart or Intelligent ....Stupid

Drink _____  Eat _____  Walk _____
Laugh _____   Cry _____ Dance _____

Can you speak Valenciano? Can you speak English? Is English more difficult than Valenciano? Can you speak Chinese? Chinese is more difficult than English. Chinese is the most difficult language in the world.

This is Chinese >>>>>>>

Jason is a prince. He lives in the castle with Mary. Jason is tall and strong. He is 22 years old. Jason can speak Spanish, English, and Valenciano. He is very intelligent. He is smart. The prince is very brave. He wears a blue coat and brown boots.


An ugly witch lives near the castle. She wears a purple dress. She flies on a broom. Her best friend is a bat. Bats can fly. Birds can fly. A butterfly can fly, too. The witch is bad. She doesn't like children. 

The witch takes the baby and flies far from the castle. The baby cries. The princess and the prince are very sad. They want their baby. They give the witch a big pizza with cheese, ham, and olives. The witch gives the princess the baby. The baby is very happy.

The princess, the baby, and the prince live happily ever after.

The End