Friday, April 24, 2015

English Stories

Ralph and the Sports Car

Ralph likes cars. He reads about cars in magazines and he watches shows about cars on TV. His head is full of cars!

He tells his parents, "Please, please, please buy me a car."

"No," says Ralph's mom, "You are too young to drive a car. Driving is dangerous."

"No," says Ralph's dad, "A car is very expensive. We can't buy you a car. We are poor. I need money to go to the casino. "

  Ralph is very sad. He wants a car. He wants a fast, red sports car!

He decides to build one! He buys books and reads about the subject. He hangs around at the garage and watches the mechanics fix/repair the cars. It is very interesting for him and he has a lot of fun.

Finally, he starts/begins to build his own car! He tells his parents about it. His father doesn't believe him. He says it's too difficult. 

Ralph’s father says, “Maybe you are too stupid to build a car.” Ralph's father is a policeman. He likes donuts. His mother says that she is worried. She doesn't want him to do anything dangerous.

After two months, Ralph invites his parents to see his project. His parents are surprised! It is beautiful! It is red! It is a big, toy sports car! Ralph can sit inside it and drive

Ralph's parents are very happy and proud.
Ralph's dad says: "Maybe you aren’t stupid!"

Ralph's mom asks: "Is this car dangerous?"

Ralph smiles and drives away. Ralph drives very fast. He has an accident with a tree. He goes to the hospital. 

His father visits Ralph in the hospital. He says, “I love you, Ralph. You are my son. I love you but you are very stupid. Your brain is very small, like a peanut. Ralph, you are a complete idiot.”


A Surprise from Australia

The class ends and Erica quickly puts her books in the bag and runs out of the school.

Today is a special day. Erica is very excited. She runs home and thinks about her uncle. She speaks with him on the phone every week. Her uncle lives in Australia. Australia is a big island. Her uncle lives in Melbourne in the south.

He returns from Australia today, and he brings a special surprise with him!

Erica is very happy. She thinks about the surprise that he brings.

"Maybe he brings a surfboard? That is fun! I can learn how to surf!"

"Maybe he brings food? Oh, I like Australian food!"

"Or maybe he brings a kangaroo? That is not good. I don't have a place in my room for a kangaroo…"

Erica finally arrives home. Her parents are there, and her uncle is there! She is very happy to see him. They hug and she jumps up and down.

"Uncle, uncle," she calls, "what special surprise do you have for me from Australia?"

"Well," her uncle smiles and answers, "I have a terrible disease. Do you want it?"

“No thank you. I don’t want an Australian disease,” Erica says.

“I am joking. I don’t have a disease. I am not sick/ill. I have a T-shirt from Australia for you.” 

Erica doesn't want a stupid T-shirt. She tells her uncle, "Thank you. This is the best gift/present in the world. That is sarcasm. Do you know what sarcasm is? Sarcasm is when you say the opposite of what you mean. When I say this is the best gift in the world I mean that it is the worst gift in the world."


Emily’s Secret

Emily is 8 years old. She lives in a big house. She has a huge bedroom. She has many toys and she has a lot of friends. But Emily is not happy. She has a secret.

She doesn't want to tell anyone about her secret. She is embarrassed (avergonzada). The problem is that if nobody knows about her problem then no one can help her.

Emily doesn't write her homework. When there is an exam – she gets sick. She doesn't tell anyone, but the truth is she can't read and write. Emily doesn't remember the letters of the alphabet.

One day, Emily's teacher finds out. She sees that Emily can't write on the board. She calls her after class and asks her to tell the truth. Emily says, "It is true. I don't know how to read and write". The teacher listens to her. She wants to help Emily. She tells her, "That's OK. You can read and write if we practice together".

So Emily and her teacher meet every day after class. They practice together. Emily works hard. Now she knows how to read and write!

Emily has another secret. She steals money from her mother and father and she buys Barbie dolls. Emily has 300 Barbie dolls. Emily doesn't tell her teacher this secret. She likes Barbie dolls. Emily is a criminal.